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English - Finnish Dictionary

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English - German Dictionary

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English - Lithuanian Dictionary

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English - Polish Dictionary

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How to print Pocket Talk? First, open the dictionary as a .pdf-file from the link above. Print the dictionary. We recommend to print the dictionary double-side on one piece of paper (for this you usally have to print first one page and then put the paper in the printer again to print the second side). To get the best printing results choose the printing option Page Scaling: 'NONE'. For the most handy usage fold the dictionary two times along the dotted lines that you'll have the Phrases as the back-page and the Instruction foldet to the inside. Now your copy of a Pocket Talk dictionary is ready to use!

How to use Pocket Talk? Pocket Talk dictionaries are very easy to use. First take a look at the Instruction-section. There you find the basics about the pronounciation. On the front-page you have translations of places, directions, numbers and dates. This should already help you to get around in the country. On the back-page you find the most likely used phrases. For things to say, which are not in the phrases there is a dictionary-part on the inside-page. Enjoy your stay abroad with Pocket Talk!

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